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Wi-Fi Plans

Augere offers flexible deployments, integrated WiFi solutions, VPN solutions as per the corporate market need over the most reliable Wireless Broadband Access service in Pakistan.

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Colocation provides the most reliable, safe, and secure environment for your service platform at an affordable price supplying “high tech” industry to “grow”. Colocation achieves 100% service availability by the virtue of its Redundant Power system and highly trained professionals.

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Augere continuously explore avenues to accommodate the dramatic growth in network traffic and the number of users.

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With WiMAX, Augere has all the pieces to drive the evolution of wireless broadband in Pakistan.

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Enterprise Data & Connectivity

Designed specifically for modern businesses, Augere gives your business the ultimate online edge with the fastest connection speeds.

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Augere,Pakistan's Emerging Corporate Data Network.

Augere was established in September 2007 by an Experienced team of global telecoms executives with the vision of delivering 'Broadband for All'.

It is committed to achieving this through the delivery of fast, reliable Broadband Internet Services in Emerging markets using WLL and Fiber Optics Networks.

Augere currently has established radio networks and access to radio wireless spectrum in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We are offering dynamic, economical and customized end to end solutions for small to large enterprise organizations.

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  • Solutions for larger business

    High Speed internet Bandwidth.

    Support for L2/L3 and SSL/GRE/IPSEC VPN’s.

    Site to site connectivity over Augere’s optical core network with WiMAX / Fiber optic as last mile

    Committed Information Rate (CIR) with dedicated reserved bandwidth.

    Auto Failover with load balancing over Primary/Secondary link.

    Designing and implementing Customized solutions.

    SMTP services.

    24/7 dedicated support for your business needs.

    Datacenter co-location in Augere core.

  • Solutions for Medium Scale Business

    Unlimited access to the internet supporting all business applications

    High availability Telco grade infrastructure

    SMTP services

    24/7 dedicated support for your business needs.

    Free installations for customers requiring assistance

    Range of packages to meet all types of businesses needs

  • Solutions for Executives

    Unlimited redundant access to the internet

    Smart Home Offerings – Wi-Fi Integration

    Connectivity on the Go – USB Modem

    SMTP services

    Fixed IP solution

    Secure Remote office access solution

    24/7 professional support

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Wi-Fi Plans

Enterprise Data & Connectivity